Shattered Dreams.

by The Imperfect Anonymous

This seems like a good quaint timing to blog another post. Thunder storm, rain, a cup of hot coffee with a blog post to be typed? Yes, this is my typical “sweater weather” moments. Probably a few moments before I created this new anonymous blog, I was reflecting on my hopes and dreams for my future. I can tell you one thing that I am certain of – It will not be succeeded. Or maybe I am just a quitter, I don’t know.

I tend to do this almost every single time when I am aware that something that I love doing or what I wanted to do would not be succeeded. Alright, okay. Quitter it is. Thing is, this is one thing which I hope that it will succeed because it is pretty much my last resort for my happiness. However, I don’t seem to get support from anyone. Not even my so called “friends” whom I’ve always considered them as. In fact, they are not even bothered to keep in contact with me after all the times I have supported and helped them through. Well, I should be used to it by now and just accept the fact that people will only use me to get what they want. Besides my mother and her sister (my aunt), they are the only two people that are supporting me all the way. The down side is that as for the others who did not have my back, it demotivates me to continue creating videos. I feel like I am alone in this. Now before you all jump, don’t worry. The quitter part of me hasn’t gotten to me yet. Still holding up to that very minimal percentage of hope (like I always do).

On the contrary, there are times where giving up was never a part of my option. All other opportunities just slip right through the palm of my hands just like that without me doing anything for it to fall. I find it sad though. Every good opportunity I had, all gone. I somewhat feel as if I am cursed with bad luck. Any ideas or anything that I were to try or touch, it disappears. Vaporization. I really won’t be surprised if this whole creating videos thing wouldn’t work out for me as well. Sigh. I do wonder if there is a chance for me, that is all I ask. Just that one dream to come true.

– Your imperfect anonymous.