Love or Lust?

by The Imperfect Anonymous

Is it possible to fall in love the second time or maybe more? My answer – absolutely yes. My other question is, how can you differentiate between love and lust within that moment itself when you are in a relationship? My answer – I still am trying to figure out the differences, really.

Nothing hits you hard than a damn painful heartbreak, they are the worst. Agree? Yes. Happened once about 4-5 years ago, happened twice today itself. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I just got out of a relationship. You might be wondering how on Earth could I possibly find the time to blog about it. Before you jump the gun, this is where The Imperfect Anonymous vents out his/hers frustrations from the sorrowful life. First one was not a relationship but it did hurt. A lot. It roughly took me about exactly 5 years to get over that person. However, I did wish that I had not wasted any time on that jerk that I fell for at first. As the years go by, I do get attracted to other people as well, but always had bad luck. I prefer to not go in detail though, I rather leave it there in the past. My second one (which is a relationship) unfortunately had ended today. Honestly, I have no idea what to say about it. Emotions wise, I feel like I just got shot or got hit by a massive truck continuously. Is that even possible to feel that way? Whatever it is, I am very sad that words can’t even explain my emotions, but tears. I don’t know what is going on but thanks a lot The Universe for adding another pain and burden along with my depression, adding more weight to my plate before I crack again. Sigh.

Well, it didn’t work out so it was not meant to be. Nothing is ever meant to be for me. Like I said earlier on, pure bad luck. I am pretty sure I will be cynical when it comes to future relationships. I don’t know, but I do hope to find the love of my life later on in life. Typical me isn’t it? Always clinging to that minimal percentage of hope, going against all of the odds.

– Your imperfect anonymous.