Hitting the Rewind Button.

by The Imperfect Anonymous

Let’s take a moment to travel back in time, shall we? Not too far though, wouldn’t want to get tangled within the dark times of my life, do we? Let’s just say I wanted to hit the rewind button and just start all over again when it comes to blogging. Except, this time it will be anonymously. Not because I’m afraid, but I’m used to being an outcast – the invisible one.

It took me a while to think this through, but it shouldn’t matter. After all, I’m invisible as everyone treats me that way. Except for my lovely mother, she always stood by my side. Still, I can’t expect her to understand and console me for every single thing that I am facing. Especially when it comes to depression. Boy, that sucker can really feed off your soul and make you feel hopeless and lifeless. I could probably guess what you might be saying now, “Get out of it, pull yourself together. It’s not good.” or “Other people have had it worse than you did.”. Yes, I know it’s not good. Yes, I know others had it worse. However, easier said than done and we all have our own limits that we can only handle. Like I said, you don’t know me as long as I remain anonymous. In short, you wouldn’t know what it’s like to walk in my shoes.

Well, enough with that bit. Allow me to introduce myself, fellow bloggers and readers. I am the imperfect anonymous and imperfect is my middle name. Welcome to the blog of a lonely and lost person. If you are interested to know more about me, feel free to leave comments or questions. Other than that, hop on the rollercoaster and go through the tracks of my sorrowful journey of life.

– Your imperfect anonymous.